Sefer Cochvei Or

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Cochvei Ohr is a very unique compilation covering a large spectrum of topics and thought. It begins with stories about different Breslover Chassidim, their trials and devotions. The following sections include new Torah teachings from the author as well as prayers, words of motivation, explanations and insight. Also included are different stories and parables from Rebbe Nachman and his followers. Amongst the different material presented in this remarkable book are explanations on Rebbe Nachman’s Sipurei Masiyos from Avraham ben Nachman, as well as Evanei Habarzel (“Stones of Iron”) a closer look into Rebbe Nosson of Nemirov’s journey into becoming Rebbe Nachman’s disciple. Kochvei Ohr was written by Avraham ben Nachman the son of Rebbe Nachman of Tulchin a main disciple of Rebbe Nosson. He originally printed the first part, while the complete sefer with all its current additions was printed by Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz.