Megillat Esther in Hebrew - English Linear Transliteration and Translation

$ 22.00

Every Jew knows the exciting story of Purim. The Megillah's lessons in faith are beyond comparison, and take us on an awe-inspiring journey of the Jew in exile. It has the full text of the Megillah and tells the story in Hebrew with Russian transliteration. As Purim is the most festive and joyful holiday of the year, every single word in the Megillah must be heard or else one has not fulfilled their obligation. As its lessons of Divine Providence are timeless and eternal, every word must be heard clearly, and its eternal messages taken to heart.

The Megillah must be read twice  once on Purim night and once the following morning. If one forgot to read at night or was otherwise prevented, there is no way to make it up during the day.

Soft Cover Booklet
Size: 5.5x8.5
about 123ֲ pages

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