Mishnah Berurah Ohr Olam Hilchos Shabbos Large Set

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In writing the Mishnah Berurah, the foremost halachic work of the past century, the Chofetz Chaim's goal was to make practical Halachah available to every Jew, regardless of his level of scholarship. Now, the Ohr Olam Institute is perpetuating the Chofetz Chaim's vision by making this fundamental work available to the English-speaking Jewish public, so that scholars and laymen alike can learn practical Halachos that govern Jewish daily life.

The Ohr Olam Mishnah Berurah is a monumental, groundbreaking project that elucidated the Mishnah Berurah and Beiur Halachah with unprecedented clarity and precision. State-of-the-art images and comprehensive explanatory notes accompany the easily readable translation, making this edition of the Mishnah Berurah a pleasure to learn and a joy to own. An added feature of Ohr Olam Mishnah Berurah is the Aliba Dehilchisa, which explores modern-day applications of the Halachos discussed in the Mishnah Berurah and presents the ruling of contemporary rabbinic authorities on these issues.

The Ohr Olam edition has translated every word of the Shulchan Aruch, Rema, and the Mishnah Berurah in a crisp, clear, and creatively accurate manner that has the learners' needs in mind, whether it is baalei battim, yeshiva graduates, or skilled scholars.

In today’s day and age, English Gemaras and daily shiurim make a deeper understanding of the Talmud Bavli accessible to Jews of all walks of life. However, in the area of practical Halacha many of our brethren who are limited, whether by time constraints or for lack of higher Jewish education, make do with a superficial understanding of the rules that govern each aspect of their daily practices.

The Ohr Olam Institute has taken the initiative of producing a new readable translation and clear elucidation of the Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah in order to open the intricate world of practical Halacha before all sectors of the Jewish people.

Our hope is to instill the daily study of Halacha in its deepest sense amongst students young and old, as the Talmud states (Niddah 73a), "One who studies Halacha daily is [surely] a denizen of the World to Come."

The Ohr Olam edition has several special features:

· Free-flowing translation of the Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah with comprehensive commentary and elucidation,

· Insightful explanatory notes with opinions of today's leading Poskim on contemporary issues,

· A synopsis of the Beiur Halachah

· Attractive illustrations, diagrams, and charts,

· Newly published contemporary Halachic discussions from Rabbi Doniel Neustadt, renowned author of "The Weekly Halachah Discussion".

Dimensions: 9" x 12.75"
Binding: Hardcover
Simanim: 242 - 344
Volumes: 8