Purim Songs in Bukharian Transliteration

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Every Jewish man and woman is obligated to hear the reading of the Megillah on Purim. The difference is that even if women know how to read, they should hear the reading from a man. This being the case, every man who returns home from the Megillah reading should read for the women of the family who did not hear the reading in the Beit Knesset. This reading should be done without a blessing; neither he nor they, neither blessing before nor a blessing afterward. The only exception is if the reader himself or another male above the age of 13 have not heard, in which case blessings are said before and after.

The Megillah must be read twice, once on Purim night and once the following morning. If one forgot to read at night or was otherwise prevented, there is no way to make it up during the day.