Sefer Kazayis ~ Israel Pinchas Bodner

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For anyone who has ever wondered, "Is this a K'zayis?" this book serves as a wonderfully clear and complete explanation. While it is important to know which blessings and after-blessings to make on foods, it is also imperative to know how much food must be eaten in order to qualify for an afterblessing. Now, the complex and little-known topic of k'zayis (literally 'like an olive'--indicating the portion size that qualifies for an afterblessing) has become crystal clear and couldn't be easier to follow. This unique book shows full-size, color pictures of the most commonly eaten foods, indicating how much must be eaten in order to fulfill a shiur k'zayis. Includes modern snack foods, breads, an entire section on k'zaysim on Pesach, and the formulas for calculating shiur k'zayis in foods of different shapes. Never again make a bracha l'vatalah or accidentally miss out on making a required bracha with this easy-to-use companion! (This is the Hebrew edition of Halachos of K'Zayis.)