Yedid Hashem SHALOSH REGALIM Machzor in Hebrew - English Interlinear Translation

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Machzor to prayer Shalosh Regalim Jewish prayer book

Product Description:
The prayer of thousands has already been enhanced by the revolutionary "Yedid Hahsem" Edition Interlinear prayer books - Now announcing, by popular demand theֲ Machzorֲ everyone has been waiting for! It features the same easy-to-follow word flow you've enjoyed in all Interlinear translation volumes.

With the Interlinearֲ Machzor
The translation is always right in front of your eyes.
Your concentration is always focused.
You'll maintain your place in the Hebrew during theֲ Chazanֲ (Cantor) reading in synagogue.
You'll know immediately what a word or phrase means.
You won't be distracted by an obtuse or unfamiliar Hebrew word.
A patented arrow system comfortably directs your eye in the right direction.
The Interlinearֲ features:ֲ 
Contemporary English translation below each Hebrew word
Long-lifeֲ embossed binding

ג˜…ֲ Maximum comfort:ֲ 

Exactly the size you need to filling good you will be best pray and maximumֲ comfort (Size - standard)ֲ