The Comprehensive Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names ~ Alfred J. Kolatch

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Since the publication of his These Are the Names, Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch, has been recognized as the world's leading authority on English and Hebrew names and their meanings. That pioneering work paved the way for the author's other distinguished books on nomenclature, including The Name Dictionary and Best Baby Names for Jewish Children.

Now, in this most comprehensive work ever prepared on the subject, Rabbi Kolatch expands on his previous efforts by introducing many hundreds of new Hebrew names that have become popular in both Israel and the diaspora. He thereby provides an indispensable resource for parents seeking a name for their newborns, for sociologists analyzing societal trends, and for scholars tracing the evolution of language.

The Comprehensive Dictionary of English & Hebrew First Names begins with an introduction that explains the origins of names and the Jewish naming process. It discusses the Bible as a source of names, names with positive attributes, celebrity names, masculine/feminine interchanges, and more. Wide-ranging in scope, the dictionary also explains the ceremonies traditionally followed for naming a boy and a girl and explores Jewish custom as it relates to naming children after relatives, naming an adopted child, and naming a convert.

The entries in this book are presented alphabetically. Immediately following each entry, where applicable, the Hebrew spelling is provided in vocalized Hebrew script. The language(s) from which the name derives as well as its literal meaning are then indicated. Finally, Hebrew equivalents are offered in transliterated English. Those seeking to name a child based on meaning will find the exhaustive Index of Names by Meaning an invaluable tool.