The Garden of Emuna for Young People ~ by Rabbi Shalom Arush

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The world is full of questions: Why do some kids have easy lives, yet others are born into poor families with loads of difficulties? Why are some people healthy, yet others are sick? Why are some young people popular, yet others are lonely with no friends? Why do some people learn things quickly and easily while others are slow learners?

Why me?

There is one answer to all of these questions: Emuna!

Once we apply Emuna to the puzzle, all of the pieces fall into place. Emuna teaches us that there is a Creator Who runs the world with precision and Who individually supervises each of His creations through Divine Providence. The Creator gives each person the individual set of variables that he or she needs in order to accomplish their purpose in life, as we shall learn in the lessons of this life-changing book!

~ Hardcover

~ English

~ 190 pages