The Indisputable Truth

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New and Revised Edition Dec 19th, 2022

A must-read for anyone who wants clarity on so many vital topics, such as proving the existence of G-d, proving the Divinity of the Torah, and figuring out what truly is the purpose of life. Jews today, observant or not, need to clarify the rational foundation of our beliefs. This book meticulously and concisely builds the foundations necessary to understand Jewish philosophy. ALL major topics are covered. Each chapter builds seamlessly upon the next and connects the topics in a string of easy-to-understand explanations. This book was compiled through thousands of hours of research and also with the help of some of the brilliant Rabbis of our generation and has been proven to effect positive change in the hearts of virtually anyone who reads it. As of now, this book has already impacted thousands of secular and religious people to come closer to the Almighty. It is one of the top Kiruv books currently on the market. This book is uniquely fitted to explain the most difficult concepts both in Judaism and in life in general with quick and elegant precision but at the same time is still easy to understand and straightforward for the beginner to the most advanced Talmud Scholar. This book presents a challenge to the reader, to search within and be honest with his inner self and navigate the maze that is the human intellect. This book will shake the Jewish world!

Among the Topics Covered:
The Existence of G-d
Refutation of Major World Religions and Beliefs
Proof that Judaism is the Only G-d Given Religion
Oral Torah and Rabbinical Laws
The Purpose and Meaning of Life
The Secrets to Success and True Happiness
The Messiah
Life After Death
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
What does it Mean to be a Jew?
The 13 Principles of Faith
The Importance of Living in an Orthodox Jewish Community and Having a Personal Rabbi
Intermarriage and Assimilation
What is My Unique Purpose in Life?
Being a Righteous Non-Jew
Age of the Universe, Evolution, Free Will, Kiruv
and More….