Will Jew Marry Me? A Guide to Dating, Relationships, Love, and Marriage (Paperback)

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You graduated from a great school, you have a rewarding career, and your family is warm and caring. So why are you--like so many other young Jewish men and women in their twenties and thirties--having trouble in your quest for a successful and committed relationship?

In Will Jew Marry Me? Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff has collected his thoughts, ideas, experiences, and stories from his many years of working with Jewish singles. The book is full of valuable, practical advice for young Jewish men and women who want to go from single to married. It offers information and guidance on topics such as these:

Reasons to get married
Questions for your first date
Red flags in dating
How to know when you've found your soul mate
Building a true love relationship
How to have a really good fight
The laws and customs of a Jewish wedding
What to expect from your first year of marriage

Will Jew Marry Me? is your guide to achieving dating, relationship, love, and marriage success.