Bereshit Taman in English Transliteration

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These verses are a ancient manuscript, and it is good to say it each day. Their initials spell Wisdom, and are a special Segula for opening the heart and mind. The Hidah writes that we have received this prayer from Rabenu Tam, may his merit protect us, to be said each day. The Hidah personally guarantees that whenever a person says this prayer, he will be protected from any calamity that entire day and will prosper in their ways. When this is said a person's luck will increase, will enjoy marital harmony, will find a suitable match, will merit the fear of heaven, will merit to improve their spirit and soul, will merit a long life, and much more. This book is geared for individuals who need to understand the text from Hebrew to English and pronouncing Hebrew words. The utilization of this booklet enables any person who does not understand Hebrew the proper concentration and meaning when they are praying. With the usage of this booklet hopefully people will be more successful in having their prayers answered. The text was developed in a way to produce a rhythmic flow, while allowing the reader to pronounce each letter, word and vowel with great ease in your native language. 

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