Bereshit Taman in English Transliteration

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Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

may his merit protect us,ֲ Amen

The benefits for every man in Israel who reads thisֲ Tikun
every day, particularly if he recites it after praying, are as
his luck will increase ג€“ he will succeed in all he does ג€“ he will enjoy
marital harmony ג€“ he will find a suitable match ג€“ he will merit spiritual
and material abundance ג€“ he will merit the fear of heaven ג€“ he will
merit to improve his spirit and soul ג€“ impure energies will be distanced
from him ג€“ his enemies will fall before him ג€“ he wonג€™t witness the death
of his offspring ג€“ he will be spared the punishment of reincarnation
ג€“ he will merit a long life ג€“ he will merit the World to Come ג€“
through his actions the Redemption will be hastened in great mercy
(Sod Hashem Razin Kadishin)
Booklet soft cover
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