Kriat Shema in Hebrew - English Interlinear Transliteration and Translation

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And whileֲ your eyes are covered, sayֲ Barukג€£h Shemֲ with intense concentration. For if you do not concentrate at least on the meaning of what you are saying, you have not fulfilled your obligation, and you must go back and start again from the first verse ג€” even if you realize this only after you complete the entireֲ Shֲ¶ma. If, however, you realize this after sayingֲ Barukג€£h Shem, do not return immediately to say the first verse again. Rather complete the entire first paragraph, and only then return and begin again from the first verse with focused concentration. Be careful to whisperֲ Barukג€£h Shemֲ very quietly, just loud enough for you to hear yourself. On the wordֲ malkג€£huto, bow your head slightly downward.

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