Perek Shira (Chapter of Song) in English Transliteration

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Imagine a great symphony orchestra made up of every possible kind of musical instrument, each one playing its part, all together creating the most beautiful symphony, under the direction of a master conductor. The entirety of creation is this symphony orchestra wherein each creature plays its song before the Holy One blessed-be-He, and Man is the conductor. For as every creature plays its song, Man “ who includes all their distinct powers within himself “ binds them together into a single wondrous symphonic sound, one great harmonious praise to the Creator of the world. This is the greatness of Perek Shirah, and this is why it is so important to say it and to immerse oneself in it every day, and to add personal requests at its conclusion. Yes, it is best to say it every day in its entirety, including the introductory and concluding paragraphs that accompany it. It can be said during the day or the night, but it is especially powerful in the morning. In this way, Perek Shirah is a special segulah (prescription) for livelihood, healing, protection from all harm, and child bearing.

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