Queen Shabbos – Laws of the Sabbath

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Laws of the Sabbath. A detailed study guide to help you understand the meaning of the Jewish Sabbath and its laws.

It is written in the book of Shemot (31:12-13): “And the Most High said to Moses: Tell the children of Israel: if only you keep My Sabbath, for it (the Sabbath) is a sign between Me and you in all your generations. So that you know that I am the Most High, who sanctifies you.” Notice here the Sabbath is called a sign. But – familiar to whom and about what?
The ancient Jewish thinker Rabbi Saadia Gaon explains that Shabbat literally tells the peoples of the world the following: before you is a Jew, a son of the people who has been chosen by the Almighty. Those. a Jew can always be recognized by his behavior on the Sabbath. While in town, he closes his store on this day of the week; while on the road, he stops to rest…
The Sabbath is a kind of Jewish flag; it is it that distinguishes the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov from all the nations of the world. Moreover, it highlights much more than kashrut or national holidays.


Not a day of rest!
1. Thirty-nine works (melakhot)
2. Laws of the Torah and the laws of the sages
3. The taste of heaven – taam Gan Eden
4. General principles of the laws of the Sabbath (mlechet-makhshevet)
5. Law (halaha) and its principles
6. Tohen – grind
7. Pettiness and greatness
8. Lash – knead
9. Borer – selection
10. Dash – threshing
11. Mevashel – cook
12. Otsaa – carrying loads
13. Agricultural work
14. Work related to the production of fabrics
15. Melakhot related to the production of clothing
16 Melachot associated with the production of leather
17. Kotev – write
18. Boneh and soter – build and destroy
19. Lighting and extinguishing fire
20. Electricity on Saturday
21. Muktse
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