Rabbi Nachman From Breslev, Stories & Teachings.

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Fairy stories with comments by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, Conversations of Rabbi Nachman.

The collection of materials about one of the most enigmatic figures of Hasidism. The book includes several famous allegorical tales told by Rabbi Nachman.

A fragment from the book:

Poisoning by GRAIN One day the king said to the Prime Minister, who was his good friend, “I see the stars, that anyone who eats the grain, which is now maturing in the fields, would go uma24. What you advise? “

The First Minister said: “We have to put so much grain that is not a crop this year.”

The king replied: ‘Well then only we will stay as normal people, and everyone will be crazy. And so will consider us crazy. And for all aside enough grain we can not. Therefore, we should also have a grain of this crop. But let’s make a mark on the forehead, to at least know that we are crazy. I will look at your forehead, you’re mine, and when we see this sign, we know that we’re both insane. “

There are fungi that infect corn, they contain strong hallucinogen that can cause all kinds of strange state if this grain to eat. These mushrooms contain a substance very similar to LSD.

Translated by: Berman, G.
Editor: Nespeshny, M.
ISBN: 978-965-7412-24-4
Year Published: 2010
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Pages: 729
Format: 15x5x22