Sefer Miyut haMachazik: Your Guide to Maaser Kesafim ~ מיעוט המחזיק קיצור דיני מעשר כספים

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Familiarize yourself with the halachos and inyanim of ma’aser kesafim!
This practical handbook to the often unfamiliar halachos of ma’aser kesafim (tithing of earnings for charity) comprehensively covers the subject from its sources in the Talmud and Rishonim to the latest rulings of contemporary poskim, in a format suitable for both quick consultation by laymen in a hurry and in-depth study by scholars.

Daily financial dealings raise many halachic questions in this field:
 Is ma’aser kesafim obligatory?
 Can I deduct mortgage payments from my earned income for ma’aser calculations?
 Do I need to tithe the value of a gift certificate?
 How can ma’aser be fulfilled by a person who cannot afford to give charity?

All these and many more are clearly and concisely elucidated in Mi’ut ha-Machazik. Extensive footnotes reference and expand on the brief instructions in the main text.
This guide also explores the spiritual rewards and segulos (mystical benefits) of giving ma’aser kesafim, as well as their implications for faith in everyday life. Inspirational extracts from esteemed sources are interspersed between the chapters, with longer motivating aggadic essays, by the author and others, presented as appendices (both in Hebrew). Tables for calculating income, expenses, and charitable spending are included to train the reader in the convenient practices set forth in the text.