Shir Hashirim in Hebrew - Russian Interlinear Transliteration and Translation

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ג€œShir HaShirim,ג€ The Song of Songs, is one of the five ג€œMegillot,ג€ or Sacred Scrolls, that are part of the Hebrew Bible. It is a timeless allegory of the relationship between HaShem and the People of Israel, in terms of the love between a man and a woman. It is recited on ג€œPesach,ג€ the Holiday that celebrates the liberation of the Jewish People from slavery in Egypt.

On ג€œShabbat Chol HaMoed,ג€ the Shabbat that occurs during the Intermediate Days of the Holiday, or on the Seventh Day of that Holiday when Shabbat coincides with that day, the reading of the ג€œMegilahג€ of ג€œShir HaShirimג€ is incorporated into the Services in most synagogues in the Jewish world.

As mentioned above, this ג€œMegilahג€ is an ג€œallegoryג€ for the relationship between G-d and Israel in terms of the love of a man for a woman. The ג€œmashal,ג€ or the ג€œmetaphor,ג€ focuses on the man and the woman; the ג€œnimshal,ג€ or referent, is the relationship between HaShem and the People of Israel. According to the Rambam, a twelfth century Torah giant of the Jewish People, the highest form of relationship between a human being and HaShem is the relationship based on love, ג€œAhavat HaShem,ג€ even higher than the relationship built on fear or reverence, ג€œYirat HaShem. theֲ Rambamֲ continues, ג€œJust as when a man loves a particular woman, he cannot remove her from his thoughts, with just such intensity should a person love HaShem.

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