Shir Hashirim in Hebrew - Russian Linear Transliteration and Translation

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Shir HaShirim,” The Song of Songs, is one of the five “Megillot,” or Sacred Scrolls, that are part of the Hebrew Bible. It is a timeless allegory of the relationship between HaShem and the People of Israel, in terms of the love between a man and a woman. It is recited on “Pesach,” the Holiday that celebrates the liberation of the Jewish People from slavery in Egypt.

On “Shabbat Chol HaMoed,” the Shabbat that occurs during the Intermediate Days of the Holiday, or on the Seventh Day of that Holiday when Shabbat coincides with that day, the reading of the “Megilah” of “Shir HaShirim” is incorporated into the Services in most synagogues in the Jewish world.

As mentioned above, this “Megilah” is an “allegory” for the relationship between G-d and Israel in terms of the love of a man for a woman. The “mashal,” or the “metaphor,” focuses on the man and the woman; the “nimshal,” or referent, is the relationship between HaShem and the People of Israel. According to the Rambam, a twelfth century Torah giant of the Jewish People, the highest form of relationship between a human being and HaShem is the relationship based on love, “Ahavat HaShem,” even higher than the relationship built on fear or reverence, “Yirat HaShem. the Rambam continues, “Just as when a man loves a particular woman, he cannot remove her from his thoughts, with just such intensity should a person love HaShem.

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