Small Tri-Lingual Ben Israel Tehillim in Russian, Hebrew, and English

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Tehillim Transliterated and translated in Hebrew, English, & Russian

This book is great for individuals who have trouble with pronouncing Hebrew words in the Tehillim (Psalms of King David). The book of Tehillim is one of the 24 sefarim (books) of the Torah which people refer to in times of trouble and when they wishes to praise G-d. The utilization of this book enables any person who does not understand Hebrew the proper concentration and meaning when they are praying. Another vital part of the process of saying Tehillim is proper pronunciation of each word. With the usage of this book hopefully people will be more successful in having their prayers answered.

In times of joy and triumph, Tehillim is read to express gratitude and in time of stride and sorrow, Tehillim uplifts our hearts and souls. Through the holy psalms a person expresses his/her emotions and desires to the creator. Therefore it is vital to pronounce each word accurately. According to our sages, the benefits of saying Tehillim are only for the people who read it properly and with comprehension.

The text was developed in a way to produce a rhythmic flow, while allowing the reader to pronounce each letter, word and vowel with great ease, for people with limited Hebrew.

Size: 5" x 7"